One day my buddy Marty and I got bored and instead of being destructive decided in doing something constructive. My new back yard was on my mind so together we agreed to brain storm a build of own fire pit.

When thinking about it you get nervous because a lot of concerns pop up like… cost? amount of hours of work? should I pay a professional? Where do I find the stone needed? Placement? What shape? size? look?

So we put our thinking caps on and began some research and came to the same conclusion…. It is far easier than you would expect.

For placement I decided a distance no closer than 15 feet to the house, close to a water source and away from any trees that would have the potential of catching fire.  I also didn’t want it too close to the table in the patio because no one wants to eat next to a rippin and roaring fire that kicks out tons of smoke and heat.

Next the stone. I priced out stone all over and for a quick do it yourself Home Depot did the trick. I went to local places, but the cost for the stones I got are so close plus you can purchase extra and if you want or need to return them they take them back with no questions asked.  Also here I was able to pick and choose what stones I like with no imperfections or stains.

Now it’s time for the shape and size. Right at the store I placed the stones and began shaping out my desires size. Started with a 10 stone circumference then went larger then added additional layers. Are one point  I had it four layers deep and thought to myself, it looks great but how are you going to see in when you are sitting plus it looks kinda like a Well. So we kept it to 3 blocks in height.

For the foundation I found some stone that the Home Depot sells that is made for the foundation of a fire pit. They seem a little more brittle so they can crush a little when placing the stones and leveling them. Then I found a blue stone for the center to prevent grass and weeds to grow. I could have just purchased all of the support stone, but the blue stone was slightly cheaper.

The helper at the store sold me on the mason glue that is made to have the blocks stick together. It actually works great. This glue isn’t necessary but it does hold your creation together pretty well.

After getting everything packed in the trunk we headed to the job site. Here we laid then blocked exactly where we wanted hem one level thick to find the exact circumference. Get the shovels out and start digging.  I dug about an inch to two inches deep. Also, I pulled a tarp over and put all of the dirt that I dug up on it. I used the extra dirt to fill some uneven land I had on the property.

Once your spot is dug correctly….packed..I packed it with my stomping and with the weight I had ….And leveled…I leveled it with a standard level, now you can put your support stones around the boarder and the blue stone in the center.

Now build and secure each stone and make sure they are each seated correctly. Don’t have them wabble or sit uneaven.  Marty and I placed the stones in a way where I would get some ventilation and spacing between the lower levels. This helps the fire breathe. For the top layer, I did not want any spacing, but when butting the blocks against each other tightly you will find that you will need to add another block to complete the circle. Also I wanted to have a little lil effect at the top to add and little styling to it. I used 12 blocks for the top layer and 10 for the middle and bottom.

When all said and done time to light the Fire!




Cool grilling tip

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i just came across this tip and it actually works. If you are looking for a healthier way to create a non-stick grilling surface. Try it out. 

Non-stick grilling tip

This is one of my favorite scotches that I have ever had. It is a powerful punch in the mouth but if you can take the strong alcohol content it is truly delicious.

The Whisky Snob


#Dram 76 – The Glenlivet Nådurra 16

I love this whisky. I love it. I really do. What I love even more is the Nådurra Olorosso but we’ll get into that in another post. I had the pleasure of having the original bottling of Nådurra about 10 years ago. Me and a friend polished off over a weekend’s camping trip. It was perfect. We sat there around a fire getting stoned and enjoying great whisky under the stars. I have been in love with this whisky since then.

Anyway, moving forward, I received the Nådurra 16 as a gift last year from a girl trying to win my heart (She succeeded) and I was impressed with her choice. I didn’t waste any time in opening the bottle. This baby was matured in first fill american oak casks (48%). On the nose this whisky knocks you for six. It’s richness blows you…

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Italian Sunday Sauce

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Alright folks here is one of the best recipies you will ever need to know.  Girls take notes…men make sure you listen…this is a recipe that makes the world go round.  I got this recipe from my Grandparents who undoubtedly made the best Sunday sauce that I have ever had.

Let’s get started…


In a large mixing bowl:One or two pounds of chop meat (one lb per 5 people more the better… LEFT OVERS!) You can use an assortment of meats…the traditional is the Pork, Veal, Beef trio.  But you can just go solo with

Add one pound of chop meat (one lb per 5 people -the more the better… LEFT OVERS!) You can use an assortment of meats…the traditional is the Pork, Veal, Beef trio.  But you can just go solo with ground Beef or ground Turkey.

For every pound of meat add one whole egg
Add a cup of grated Pecorino Romano grated cheese
Tablespoon or two of Fresh parsley
Half a teaspoon of Black pepper
3 or 4 Finely sliced or minced garlic
A cup of Bread crumbs – You can find good Gluten Free crumbs now for you Gluten Free’ers.

Cook your Balls-
Either put in the oven or fry them up.
They are ready when the get a nice brown color…i rotate them around to ensure they cook evenly
Note..They always seem to partially disappear even at this part in the process.  Fried meatballs are a hot comodity.

Other Meats-

Find a skillet/pan/pot because we now have to brown our meats

I usually get a few hot and sweet sausages for the sauce

A Rolled up braciole or beef ribs are always incredible, and so is some type of pork as well
When browning add about a half of a sliced onion to help flavor the meats
My grandfather always added some red wine when he browned his meats.  He also did this in the gravy pot that he used for the sauce.  This creates the best tasting sauce but also a more oily sauce.

In a large pot add your browned meat-
Add 2 cans of tomatoes. I usually add the crushed ones or blend the whole tomatoes in a can to make a more creamy sauce.
Throw in a small bunch of basil
Throw in 2 Bay leaves
Pinch of sugar – (this ingredient is optional)
At this point I am simultaneously cooking my meatballs and when they are ready I put them in the sauce one by one.

Stir occasionally to ensure the bottom of the pot doesn’t burn the sauce.  After a few hours you will see the sauce mature and darken.  This is a great time to dip your favourite piece of Italian bread in for a fun sample.

When you are ready to Mangia, get another pot and bring some water to a boil and add pasta.  Strain add the sauce and ENJOY!


Manrelm will help you order your meats

Degrees of Steak Doneness – Meat Temperature- Manrelm via

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Lismore Scotch Review

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Lismore Scotch Single Malt Speyside

Right off the bat I have to say this is a great value scotch. For about $23 bucks I am hard pressed to find a better vanilla/oak taste. Right away you can taste the oak and after it sits in your mouth for a second the vanilla starts to make an appearance. On the way down is where you can tell this
is not a $40 bottle. You’re left with a decent taste and a slight alcohol burn. It’s nothing bad it just lets you know you’re drinking a mans drink. For people getting into scotch I would recommend this with one or two cubes and make sure the cubes are floating. As the cubes melt the scotch will get lighter at the cost of some loss in flavor. For those people looking for maximum taste it is good enough to drink neat, with some whiskey stones, or a half cube just to release the flavor and cool it a bit.
In the end, Lismore is a go­-to value Scotch for me when I need to fill my dedicated Oak decanter and feel like pinching pennies.
On a side note, I had Glenlivet 12yr before this Lismore bottle and there is a noticeable difference in quality/taste. Similar tastes, but Glenlivet 12 is more refined.


Lismore Scotch Whiskey


300+ Lumens

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Check out this Flashlight.  Small, powerful and cheap!>>>Flashlight – Website

Here is a write up from Drop Point Hunter:

This small super-charged HPLED flashlight produces a focused beam of light the length of over two football fields on a clear night. Even more impressive – it is powered by a single AA Battery. One battery provides more than an hour of continuous brilliant light. Light, compact and tough as nails, and extensively tested and approved by our customers over 4 years. A group of rescue workers gave it the big thumbs up after an all night search and rescue mission. Impress your friends and yourself.  Remember those MagLight Flashlights with 4 D Cell Batteries? This mini flashlight, with only one AA Battery, blows it out of the water! Featured by Steve Koontz on KnivesTV below.

Remember and don’t say we didn’t warn you – Do not look into the light.

Flashlight – Website

DPH_Banner Work-Flashlight_Instruction_Side_1252

This elixir of the Gods is so good I couldn’t just purchase one.  Not only does the “oil can” bottle look cool, this bourbon is truly delicious. If you like a more robust flavor with vanilla, spice and nice complexity then you should most definitely pick up two bottles of this bottled love.




I do love a chilled Scotch or Bourbon, but I usually do not like when it gets too watered down. Well these Ice Balls just get the job done. Yes you can purchase a pretty ice ball maker for somewhere in about the $500-$1000 dollar range. These bad boys are under $20 bucks. Yes they don’t create the spheres in two minutes, but what I do is make a whole bunch of them and fill large zip lock freezer bag for future usage. To use them simply fill them with water and freeze. I love them! They are available all over.  I  found them on Amazon>manrelm Amazon Click Here





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Glenlivet 12 year

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Great bang for the buck. Around $40 bucks for a tasty refined 12-year old Speyside Scotch.